2021 April

Grand Canyon & Utah - rugged mountains

My travel companion, Alex, and I drove across Nevada into Arizona to visit the spectacular Grand Canyon National Park. Exposing nearly 2 billion years' worth of history in its formation, this breath-taking natural environment was more beautiful in real life than we had ever expected. We initially visited the popular South Rim, open year-round and an area packed with historic buildings surrounding the Grand Canyon Village. While it felt like a tourist trail, we were so pleased to be here.

We carried on up towards Utah, where a 7-hour drive in our trusted campervan took us into the tiny town of Emery. The next adventure takes us into Manti La-Sal National Forest, a similarly beautiful place filled with lakes, mountains, and deep sandstone canyons. The plan from here is to hike, white-water raft, and take advantage of all the cool stuff this 1.2 million acre forest has to offer a couple of travelers. Stay with us on the journey to find out what we decide to do next.

The ancient land surrounding the Grand Canyon, carved by the Colorado River, was known to have been first inhabited by the Ancestral Puebloans. 

Grand Canyon & Utah

Rugged mountains and riverbeds.

6/30/20211 min read